Protect the present to
ensure the safety of the future.

To protect students from an intruder, the first step is knowing the location of an identified threat. Teachers Protect is here to help and expedite that process.

What We Offer

We designed software to provide a real-time location and level of any threat/incident in a school or building.

Advanced Technology





How It Works

Our beacons provide location information and a way for administrators, teachers and staff to communicate during a lockdown. Ensuring safety for your students.

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Teachers Protect provides software and hardware to support a multi-use emergency alert system for K-12 schools and enables teachers to directly communicate with administration and staff in real-time during emergency situations.

The 3D geo-rectified floorplans embedded in the software tracks the alerts, continues to identify the threat location and increases situational awareness for all stakeholders. This innovative technology creates safer schools by providing First Responders an accurate awareness of the building layout and location of the potential threat in route to the emergency location.

Threat detection like nothing you have ever seen.
Ensure your districts safety today!

Our Unique Approach

As with all school systems, the budgets of emergency management are stretched thin. Our solution is designed to co-exist with the existing hardware currently on site, provide additional hardware and software at a reasonable cost and includes extensive training for all stakeholders including first responders on how to effectively use the program.

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Closed circuit & Future focused

The application utilizes an internal closed-server system to store critical data and is being developed as a cost-effective solution to provide cutting edge technology that can be integrated into existing schools and emergency management’s servers and technology devices. As with first responders, school districts budgets are limited; but every stakeholder needs to be protected.

Teachers Protect will be a leader in creating communication between teachers and staff in real-time, identifies the location of the stakeholder, and includes key safety data on building floor plans in a simple, but effective manner. TP is aware of the diversity of stakeholders in emergency situations and is focused on creating a program that is user friendly and meets the needs of protecting students and all stakeholders.

Threat detection like nothing you have ever seen.
Ensure your districts safety today!